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Why we built KashBanc

Today’s banking and supply chain financing solutions have various limitations, such as:

  • They primarily benefit Buyers and first-tier Suppliers only. The subsequent Suppliers in a multi-tier supply chain need to apply for financing individually.

  • The enrolment of Buyers and Suppliers to a Supply Chain Financing programme is constrained by the Bank’s KYC requirements and capacity to onboard new customers.

  • Supply Chain Financing and Factoring are process-heavy and require Banks to review various documents, typically resulting in a 10-30 days approval period.

With KashBanc, we bring product innovation to solve today’s pain points

Image by Taiki Ishikawa
Image by Tezos

Ease of financing for Borrowers

  • Turning account receivables into a Digital Promissory Notes (DPN) to easily unlock liquidity for Suppliers

  • As borrowers, Suppliers can easily request financing with a single click

Deep-Tier Supply Chain Financing capability for Banks

  • Enabling Supply Chain Financing across multi-tiers of Suppliers

  • KashBanc is deployed as a white-label solution for Banks and Financial Institutions

Community Hub for Buyers and Suppliers

  • A digital directory of Buyers and Suppliers that accept Digital Promissory Notes (DPN) as a medium of settlement

  • Minimal impact: invoicing can continue to be done using existing processes and tools

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